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Getting a NY Birth Certificate with Apostille

May 17, 2007

UPDATE: Please give your experiences if the process changes. This blog post gets thousands of hits.

This posting is a public service for anyone born in New York City (Bronx, Kings, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island) needing a birth certificate with Apostille.

I need it to get married in France.

The 3-step process – which I could not find fully explained anywhere on the Internet – goes as follows below: (There are also commercial services, but I found I did not need one.)

Step 1

Contact the Bureau of Vital Records in New York City at the department of health by telephone.

Important: Do NOT order via the very speedy and efficient online VitalCheck service, they only issue a “short form” birth certificate. You need to call and specifically request a “long form” (or “vault copy”) of the birth certificate with letter of exemplification. The cost is about $35 dollars and it takes about five days from the time they receive your request.

Bureau of Vital Records
125 Worth Street NY, NY 10013
Tel: 212-788-4500

Step 2

Send $3 with the long form birth certificate and letter of exemplification to be certified by the Manhattan County Clerk Notary Department. Include a note asking for certification in order to get an apostille:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in the process of getting an apostille on my birth certificate so that I can get married in France.

Enclosed please find:

1- My long form birth certificate with a letter of exemplification.

2- A check for $3 to get the document notarized.

Please return this at your soonest convenience to me at the below address

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me or call.

In advance, thank you for your assistance in helping me get married!


Thomas Crampton

The fees must be paid in cash, by Visa or Mastercard, by an attorney’s check made payable to the New York County Clerk, or in the form of a U.S. postal money order made payable to the New York County Clerk. (We sent cash and it worked.)

NY County Clerk, Attention Notary Department
60 Center Street, NY, NY 10007
Tel: 646-386-5955

Step 3

Send documents from Steps 1 and 2 to the NY Department of State with a $10 check payable to the “New York State Department of State” with a letter asking for an apostille:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in the process of getting an apostille on my birth certificate so that I can get married in France.

Enclosed please find:

1- My long form birth certificate with a letter of exemplification and notarization from the county clerk in Manhattan.

2- A check for $10 to get the Apostille for my birth certificate.

Please return this at your soonest convenience to me at the below address

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me or call.

In advance, thank you for your assistance in helping me get married!


Thomas Crampton

New York Department of State
Miscellaneous Records Unit
99 Washington Avenue
Albany NY, 12231
Telephone: (518) 474-8642

Note: I just updated the above address from 41 State Street


Needless to say, this is a nightmare process to accomplish when you live overseas, but it does work!!

As evidence: Photo below of me in the Paris newsroom today with my Apostille. Now that I proved I was born, I can get married!! (oops. Lost the photo. Will upload it shortly)

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Thomas Crampton

Thomas Crampton
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  • Arthur

    VitalChek is working well now. You will get the long form with exemplification letter as long as you check "Apostille/Authentication" during application. I also emailed to confirm when I was waiting. Below is their reply:

    "Dear Customer,

    At this time I do see you have selected Aposttile/Authentication on the order in which you will receive a letter of exemplification as well as the Birth Vault record needed for international purposes.

    Thank You,

    VitalChek Online Support"

  • Raquel

    I guess the same applies to death certificates??? anyone has requested one for apostille?

  • Robin

    I also got the vault birth certificate (long form) and letter of exemplification thru Vitalchek. I sent them both off to Albany for apostille, and they were returned because the birth certificate and letter of exemplification need to be certified by the NY county clerk. So. Website instructions seem difficult to navigate. I'm still trying to figure out where to send for the certification before resubmitting for the apostille.

  • missfern

    While NY State has updated its website, they still do not have clear step-by-step instructions for what to do if you can't request the certification and apostille in person. Thank you for this post!!

  • Jodi

    I just ordered online through VitalCheck and checked "Apostille/Authentication." On my receipt, it shows "birth certificate (vault copy)." I guess they changed it. Now, here's to hoping I get the letter of exemplification to go with it (it says I will, but some people here state they received it and others state they have yet to get it).

  • Jodi

    Just an update. I just received today my birth certificate and the letter of exemplification from VitalChek. I checked off the apostille box when asking for the type of birth certificate. Everything is in order. Thanks for the assistance!!!

  • Stacey ochao

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  • I think that everybody needs to do something crazy one time. Apostille are usually used for different purpose. This is new, really.

  • Denitza

    Just adding to some of the previous comments. You can get the long-form birth certificate plus letter of exemplification through Vitalchek if you select Apostille/Authentication as the purpose. I just received mine in the mail yesterday.

  • Shana

    I chose that option but they didn't send me the letter of exemplification! I called them and they said they would email me with an answer...

  • Sarah


    I live in Ireland and am at the end of ordering my birth cert on vital check and it is asking for a 9 digit SSN number. As I live in Ireland we have a 7 digit and one letter PPSN number which is equivalent (as I would presume) to the SSN number required but it keeps asking for nine digits and wont let me go any further.

    Can anyone be of assistance to me please


  • Ed Gragert

    This information has been very helpful. I just learned from the NY State office for apostille, that it can also be done in Manhattan at 123 Williams Street, 2nd Floor (Verifications) on a walk-in basis--no mail-ins. Will be done on the spot. Their hours are 9-3:30 M-F.

  • CBOO

    Thomas Just wanted to give a shout out of thanks for all your help on this posting. It was a nightmare searching everywhere online for how to get this done when you live in a different area than birth, but your step by step process made this an easy efficient way to get it done! Now i'm on my way to Get married in the Dominican Republic! Many Thanks!

  • Gusmarkpeters

    Well, I must say things went well for me here in Germany. I called up the first address I saw in the internet, and voila, "Translation & Apostille Services", in Fifth Avenue convinced me right off the bat. I sent them a copy of my birth certificate and got it back along with the Apostille within a week using PayPal.   

  • Alaa

    Hey there,
    I am in Germany as well, and need to get an apostille from NYC. Did you have to sign any forms or anything to get the Apostille Service do the actual apostille? Can I send a friend or family member to do it for me? Thanks for your time in advance!

  • JH

    I think that the instructions need to be updated:
    According to the New York Department of State, there's an Apostille request form that needs to be filled out for mail requests: Apostille/Certificate of Authentication Request Form , and it asks that you attach a self-addressed/stamped return envelope.I'm going through this now - it took about a month to get my birth certificate (which was ordered through VitalChek with the Apostille box checked) in Manhattan.  

  • Kkbraak

    I was able to obtain a long form birth certificate through the VitalChek system.

  • Actually, a certified copy of the NYC birth certificate (short or long form) can be apostilled without a letter of exemplification. If you have an original and need it apostilled, please contact http://www.foreigndocumentsexp... or call (646) 267-1140

  • London

    I live in London and have just used Foreign Documents Express for my american birth certificate. It took them exactly eight days from the time the fedex driver left my house to the time he delivered my birth certificate again.

    I would highly recommend you use them.

  • There is an erroneous comment related to a critical area of the apostille process noted here: that you cannot get anything but the short-form of the birth certificate from  This is simply not true. A client of mine from Manhattan just ordered a birth certificate through Vitalchek (I actually sat with her while she ordered it) and she checked off "apostille" as the reason for getting the birth certificate and got exactly what she needed to obtain an apostille: the long-form birth certificate and the Letter of Exemplification.  

    If you need assistance with obtaining your apostilles in Manhattan, you can contact us at www.apostillenewyorknyservices... or by calling 917-693-3692.--Mike  

  • Jure Sanguinis Applicant

    Mike, I obtained the 'certified long form' from VitalChek and the Italian Consulate in NYC rejected it since it wasn't issued by the state. So: at least one consulate doesn't like Vitalchek. 

  • Katia

    Thomas, long form birth certificates with a letter of exemplification can now be ordered through Vitalcheck. You just need to select the Apostille option.

  • Elizabeth

    Thomas, I successfully ordered my son's birth certificate with the letter of exemplification through the online VitalChek. You just need to indicate its purpose as apostille. Thanks so much for this helpful post.

  • Markus

    I can confirm that you can do this through VitalChek. Just make sure you indicate "apostille" in the corresponding purpose drop down menu on their web site. It took about two weeks to obtain the documents.

  • Lil_trome

    hey just want to know after i recieve my nyc B.C. w/ letter of exemplification & mail it to the manhattan county clerk to get notarized can they mail off to albany to get apostilled or should i just have them mail it back to me & do it myself?

  • Ayincast El Hondureno


    Thank you very much...I am not sure of the prices but here is the latest in the steps that need to be performed.

    It's all there. The above url and steps are currents as of 3/23/11


    "In the same boat...just for a different country!" LOL!

  • Doncariddi

    FYI - I did order via VitalCheck and just make sure you select 'FOR APOSTILLE' and it did come within 2 weeks from NYC. Realize I did try to do this through the mail with NYC and after 12-14 weeks still did not receive anything, clearly it is 'lost' in NYC. I have a friend that did the same thing, going through NYC through the Mail is a lost cause.

    I was able to get documents from Italy, non-NYC towns in NY and from other states with NO PROBLEMS, however, NYC is the ultimate in efficiency and red-tape.

  • Try My birth certificate came with in 3 days and I didn't have all this hassle.

  • Suyenthornhill

    Thanks, a lot of the prices have gone up, and I used the website you suggested and they did it for $230 including fedexing the birth certificate back to me in London. I sent it Thursday and he had it back in the post on Friday afternoon - well worth spending the cash. Apparently you can get the apostille on the original birth so we cut out step one - but your blog was a great saviour - many thanks again.

  • Notsotupelohoney

    Thank you so much for this information. I almost ordered certs last month, but was afraid because the form didn't ask enough questions for me to be sure i would receive the right documents.

    I feel much better about doing this over the phone. THANK YOU!

  • Steve

    Would this website help? http://foreigndocumentsexpress...

  • Mama Cele


  • As in most states, but speaking for Texas there is ONLY one place for every county/city in TX to get an apostille done. That is downtown Austin, TX at the Texas Secretary of State's office. We provide same day, next day and two day apostille service to people and companies around the world for the state of Texas. You simple mail us via snail mail or overnight mail your documents and then choose how fast you want your documents back.

  • YoYo

    I live in France so should i :
    1. get the doc in step1 by mail in France
    2. mail them back to NYC for step2
    3. get them again in France by mail and mail them back again for step3
    4. then receive the apostille in France ????
    your help will be very much appreciated

  • Peter

    I suggest to contact an apostille service in New York (, it will be time & cost effective. You may want to shop around for price but I recommend Translation & Apostille Services ( They are knowledgeable super-responsive.

  • Specialpk

    This is awesome. Thank you for the heads up, I hope I can get this done quickly.

  • Tanya

    Thank you VERY much!

  • Andrea

    thanks sooooo much for this info! The NY Vital Statistics website was confusing and didn't include enough information!

  • andrea

    I just received my birth certificate/ letter of exemplification that I ordered 2 weeks ago through the online vital check system which I paid 38.00 for...I checked the apostille box when ordering and while they did send me the long form birth certificate AND the letter of exemplification, IT WAS NOT MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE BUT SOMEONE ELSE'S!!! Now, trying to get the situation fixed is proving to be a HUGE headache!! Will post when and how I get it resolved in case this happens to anyone else. So far have sent email correspondence through the respective websites to both Vital Check and the NYC Dept. of Mental health and hygene. If anyone else has had this problem please post me!

  • ms1983


    For you and anyone else in New York City who wants more personal attention and not a conveyor-belt mentality, I would highly recommend www.apostillenewyorknyservices.... One person handles your documents from start to finish to avoid mixups like yours.

  • Skyhigh081

    Oh no.. Good luck, I have dealt with that headache. Have you solved the situation to this problem?

  • Breezymeadow

    Thank you for explaining the process in this detail. I called NYC 311 twice and once at the Birth Certificate section for this info. Those people who answer the phones do NOT know what they are saying, they are apparently NOT TRAINED. They do not know about the process to attain the vault copy, and that it needs to get certified at a different location, and that the APOSTILLE is a THIRD STEP. They kept referring me to the County Clerk for an Apostille! One of them -- in the Birth Records section got so frustrated with me that she suddenly put me on hold for 3 minutes (I thought to ask her superiors) but then after coming back, she still had no answer and hung up on me. DUMB AS DOORKNOBS!

  • Nmecion

    do I have to go to Manhattan town clerk, if my parents were born in Kings County (Brooklyn) to go through the steps of an apostille ?

  • Neil

    The information here sent me in the right direction, and I have some information to add. It may already be in the comments, but I'm not up to reading through all 123 of them to find out, so apologies if this is redundant.

    A birth certificate can be ordered directly from:

    The website includes a link to a table of frequently updated turnaround times. It appears that the fastest method is to order online.

    According to a phone representative, if you select "Apostilling/Authentication" as the reason for needing the birth certificate, it will come with a letter of exemplification.

  • Pierre

    It didn't work for me. Although I select Apostilling/Authentification, I got an useless short form. I had to do it again... through the mail this time.

  • andrea

    Did you get the letter of exemplification with it or just the short form birth certificate? wondering b/c I already order it through vital check as well and did as you did, selecting the apostille as reason for ordering...

  • Mark

    I hope this works. I just ordered mine this way before reading this blog post and your comment. In my case, I need this (along with apostilled copies of my father's certificate of naturalization and my parent's marriage certificate) to get dual Austrian citizenship.

  • Henning

    [Pardon the split post, but the complete post wasn't accepted the first time around and it took me a while to figure out which special characters to remove from the second half.

    Part 1 of 2 is the next comment. This is part 2 of 2.]

    Step 2: Obtain certification by Manhattan County Clerk Notary Department

    The current address is:
    NY County Clerk, Attention Notary Department
60 Center Street
    New York, NY 10007

    My father went in person, paid 3 dollars and walked out of the office 10 minutes later with the certified letter of exemplification.

    Step 3: Obtain apostille from New York State Department of State

    The current NYC office address is:
    New York State Department of State
    Certification Unit
    123 William Street
    19th Floor
    New York, NY 10038

    My father went in person (10 minute walk from the 60 Center Street office), paid 10 dollars and walked out of the office 7 minutes later with the apostille.

    End product: 3 pages stapled together

    Page 1: document from New York State Department of State (from Step 3)
    Page 2: letter of exemplification from birth certificate from New York City Dept. Of Health and Mental Hygiene obtained through VitalChek (from Step 1) with a slip of paper (certification) stapled on it and stamped by Manhattan County Clerk Notary Department (from Step 2)
    Page 3: birth certificate from New York City Dept. Of Health and Mental Hygiene obtained through VitalChek (from Step 1)

    New (?) official NYS page on obtaining apostles

    The webpage has a very good description of the apostille process (including addresses of the various offices involved. It could be that the page hasn't existed in this form all too long, as it mentions a very recent slight revision in the method in which NYS DoS produces apostilles. Effective April 15, 2010, apostilles will be produced with a black and white laser printed facsimile of the New York State Department of State Seal. The Great Seal of the State of New York will no longer be embossed either directly on any apostille or on a gold foil wafer placed on an apostille.

    I will comment on one point. The page states regarding the obtaining of the documents form NYCDo Mental Hygiene: "This service is not available online." While this is technically true (not available from the city's website), online orders via are possible (see my experience above).

    Advice: My 2 cents

    If you are abroad and have someone near NYC to do steps 2 and 3 (big thank-you to my parents!), get an additional copy from VitalChek, so that at the end of the day you have two apostilles - one to send via mail/courier, and the other as a redundant backup (i.e. to bring in person or to have stored at your parents). In case something goes wrong with the shipment, you will be glad to have invested the extra 15+3+10 dollars.

    For people in an extreme hurry, order from VitalChek now. (My mother went to the New York City Dept. Of Health and Mental Hygiene in person on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 and chose the fast shipping option. The birth certificate from that order has not yet arrived.)

    Today is Wednesday, June 16, 2010. Time from reading this blog page to apostille: 18 days (11 business days)!

    Thank you, Thomas Crampton! Thank you, all those who posted comments!

    Please post your experiences in the future (just a quick note to confirm it worked for you on mm/dd/yyyy), as it helps those who have no experience with the process.

  • Henning

    Hi, thanks to this blog entry, I was able to quickly get my apostille. To confirm information of the original entry and the comments (and the information of the link at the end of this comment), I post my experience for others.

    Step 1: Order Birth Certificate for Apostille at VitalChek

    I placed an order at choosing as Reason: "Apostille/Authentification". I used the UPS Air shipping offer for the 20 miles distance to be covered so as to get 5-10 business days processing time (processing time currently averages 15-30 business days via regular mail). My order was placed online the day before the Memorial Day weekend.
    To give an idea of the actual times experienced, here is the info from the Order Status page on .
    Your order was received by VitalChek on Friday, May 28, 2010.
    Your identity has been verified.
    Your payment was received.
    Your order was transferred to New York City Dept. Of Health and Mental Hygiene on Wednesday, June 02, 2010.
    Your order was shipped via UPS Air on Monday, June 14, 2010.
    The order arrived in NY 10706 on Tuesday, June 15, 2010.
    Enclosed were:
    1) my certificate of birth as a "The City of New York Vital Records Certificate"
    2) a letter of "exemplification of birth or death record" stating that the "foregoing transcript is a true copy of said original record, identified as" (followed by the certificate number)

  • Henning

    Step 2: Obtain certification by Manhattan County Clerk Notary Department

    The current address is:
    NY County Clerk, Attention Notary Department
60 Center Street
    New York, NY 10007

    My father went in person, paid 3 dollars and walked out of the office 10 minutes later with the certified letter of exemplification.

  • Dean


    I know somebody already mentioned this, but can anyone confirm that if you order a NYC birth certificate from VitalCheck, and select the Apostille/Authentication option from the drop down menu, that they will send you a LONG FORM copy along with THE LETTER OF EXEMPLIFICATION?

    Also, assuming they send you both, does it still have to go to Manhattan County for certification, or can it go straight up to Albany for the apostille?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Donaoroz

    yes, if you select Apostille/Authentication option, you will receive the long form. To your second question, yes you still need to send to the Manhattan County Clerk before you go to the Department of State for the actual apostille.

  • nikki m

    i have the same question does it still go to the county or can it go straight to Albany?

  • Alicia

    The VitalCheck service does actually offer a long form birth certificate, you just have to specify LONG FORM when prompted for reason for needing birth certificate.
    hope that helps!

  • andrea

    It won't let you check box for long form AND apostille at the same time though

  • EvannaR

    Does anyone know if walk-in application, in Bureau of Vital Records
    125 Worth Street NY, NY 10013, are processed on the same day??
    Do I get my birth certificate with the letter of exemplification on the
    same day if I apply in person????

  • Aaa

    Does anyone ever answer this number? I can't seem to get through:

    Bureau of Vital Records
    125 Worth Street NY, NY 10013
    Tel: 212-788-4500

  • Din

    Yeah after 3hrs on the phone, and what a headache for no good reason because the people who answer phone have no idea how to help you. Oh and dont call after 1200pm because you will be on hold until they close and without ever getting an answer or talking to someone.

    Goodluck.... Call 311 and complain they need to get that department fixed.

  • Denise Silber

    Does anyone happen to know how to send someone else in for you to get that birth certificate + the whole apostille process?

  • Claudio

    They Never Pick up, just got threw there website it works took me 2 weeks to get My Birth Certificate

  • marilyn rothenberg

    how do i obtain an "affidavit to amend" for documents issued in new york state? inre: my father's & mother's birth certificates & their marriage cert. after receiving these, may i then apply for apostilles?
    marilyn rothenberg
    [email protected]

  • RadioGirl

    Thomas, thank you so much for blogging this. As an american born girl trying to get dual citizenship for Dominican Republic, it has been a bit challenging due to the language barrier.i tired to go to the Dominican Embassy to get some information, but the paperwork and staff mainly speak SPanish and I had some trouble deciphering the information I was given. My parents were both born there and I'm heading out there to take care of some business matters, so when someone suggested getting a dual citizenship to facilitate the process. My head spun. But you have made this such an easy process! just wanted to thank you for my making my life a little easier!

  • guest

    I just ordered a New York State birth certificate (not NYC), and I ordered it through VitalChek before seeing this website. I was able to call up VitalChek, and after about 30 mins on hold, I was able to update the order so that they would send me the long form. There is no option to do this online, but if you call them up, you may be able to have them make the change (depending on what state's records you are ordering). It took about 1 minute after I got through to someone, and it didn't cost me any extra money.

  • celestembeato


    WHAT IS THE CORRECT PROCEDURE?????????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RadioGirl

    Hey Celeste! I'm doing the same thing for Dominican republic, i think we follow the same procedure and then when all the papers are done take them to the Dominican Embassy at 1501 broadway (4th fl) to apply for a Cedula, to finish the process.
    Good luck!

  • Belinda

    Thank you so so much for this information!!

  • TorontoCanada

    I am trying to order a birth certificate from New York to Canada. Tried calling the Bureau of Vital Records as mentioned above but they said I have to order it through VitalCheck. When I try to order it through VitalCheck I get an error on the province when trying to enter my address. I finally found a way around this my first typing in a US address then changing it to a Canadian address but then it asks me for my social security card for verification. I don’t have a social security card so I could not order it. Has anybody else had these issues when ordering the birth certificate?

  • jjjj

    I just hit a roadblock in obtaining my Italian citizenship. I was born in NY to an Italian father but my mother had my stepfather adopt me when I was 10. I just found out that I can't get a copy of my original birth certificate without petitioning the court by hiring a lawyer.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

  • JY

    Also view this site to get more information on the apostille.

    For out side of the city you can just order it from the DEPT of vital statistics via the vitalcheck or goto the town clerk where you were born and get the long form. Then take it to the county clerk of where you were born and have them sign off on it. Then take it to the dept of state.

  • JY

    Hey everyone, I have just ordered my long copy. I ordered it via vital check but it took over a month. I keyed in the wrong year and Vitalcheck does not deal with NYC certificates. After spending hours on hold I finally have it in hand. I live in Albany now and once i got the certificate i overnighted it to the county clerk. They sent it back to me via per paid postage and then i brought it to the DPT of state in albany and got my apostille. I also helped my friend order his it took 2 weeks for his. They say 5-10 days. On the order select the option for apostille and they give you the long form and the leter of exemplifacation.

  • Elizabeth

    I was born in Manhattan and am currently back, but only until Sunday. I have my Long Form Birth Certificate (wish I had read this before I ordered the short form one through VitalCheck and then had to deal with getting a Long Form one...ugh!). My question is: is there any way to do this IN PERSON? I don't think I have time to deal with post (as I am only here until Sunday), so I was wondering if you knew of a way to expedite the process?
    All advice is much appreciated!

  • Jeremy Yost

    Vital check now offeres the long form, when ordering the birth certificate for new york under reason select apostille and then they will get the long form and the letter of exepmlification. I just did it for my self on 2/5/2010 Had no issues and i took it to albany my self to get apostilled. Thanks to your site i knew where to get my nyc certificate notarised by the county clerk. Just wanted to let you guys know.

  • Marjolyn Conrad

    An update on step One in the process of getting the vault/long birth certificate. You have to do it now via the internet, they will not help you via the phone. There is at one point in the online process an dropdown list, which asks your reason for obtaining this birth certificate and you need to answer with the Apostille answer. This will automatically get you the letter of exemplification. The cost is $15.- plus the Vital Check fee $8.30 and the Carrier fee $15.- (UPS)

    I have just received the vault copy, hooray and will move on to step 2. I will call them (New York County Clerk's office) first just in case this has changed to.
    Your blog was still the most helpful in this process.

  • Marjolyn Conrad

    Thank you Thomas! I will follow all the steps to acquire the sought after Apostille for my son, who just found out today that he can also become a Dutch citizen. Hope you are still happily married and living in France.

  • anastasiasergey

    Excuse me, how can I make an Apostille of a NY Birth Certificate as soon as possible?

  • Thank you very much for sharing this information, especially the details on Birth Certificate. Do you remember how long it took to get the mail request done for an Apostille from Dept of State?

  • Ger

    The street name on step 2 is Centre St., You can take in your documents from 9 - 4 and on Step 3 they are opened from 9 - 3.30

  • peter nuzzi

    what would I do if I was born in Yonkers,NY to obtaim a apostilled birth certificate?

  • paul c

    peter did you ever live in boston around 1969

  • hankloricco

    Be sure to get perfect clarification from the mayor of the town hall where you will marry. That is a must. In Europe, people tend to think New York City is in fact the State. So first I was told I did not need because I was born in Yonkers and at the 11th hour, they said I did need it. I used an outside agency to coordinate everything. Everything must be dated within 90 days but the town hall wants it 21 days ahead so it is pretty tight.....Bon Chance

  • Hank LoRicco

    While living in Paris seemed like this was going to be a problem, with your advice, it went pretty smoothly and all is wonderful in our world again. Many thanks. Merci', Bonne Journee, Au Revoir...

  • leslie

    City residents do not have to mail docs to Albany--there is a Manhattan location:

    New York State Department of State
    Certification Unit
    123 William Street
    19th Floor
    New York NY--

  • alanmurray

    I process NY birth, death and marriage certificates on a regular basis for Apostille. This walk thru service takes less than a day, If you like to use my service, I available.

  • Sue

    Could you please inform me as to how to contact you? Thx.

  • peter nuzzi

    Hello,I will need my birth certificate(born yonkers,NY),my mothers,(Bronx)my fathers(bronx) their marriage certificate,my grandparents marriage(both Bronx certificate all apostilled.What would your fee be? I am in Italy and would like to have it done by some one who is currently in the US.P.Nuzzi

  • john04401

    My previous comment: Dates are - Received by NYC on 31-Aug and not 16-Sept (not 16-Aug -- woops!)

  • john04401

    Hi All,

    Very informative. I am at step 2. My papers are confirmed received on 31-Aug. It is now 16-Aug. I call and asked what is the status. They tell me it will take at least another week or so.

    When I do call the person sometimes seems that they can not "find water in the ocean".

    Has anyone else encountered this absurd bureaucratic delay from NYC cluck (clerk) office??

  • JamesSt

    If you ever need a California Apostille in 1-2 business days contact, Apostille Pros. They are located in Beverly Hills. They did everything perfectly. I was in New York; therefore, was unable to do it. They also took care of my son's birth certificate for Florida as well. Expedited that! Not sure how they were able to do that, but they took care of everything as well as translation.

  • hankloricco

    Great comments but while this info say--'...people born in New York City require an Apostille," is not completely true. I was born in Yonkers and am being told that I need an Apostille. I just cannot imagine how to coordinate getting the birth certificate from Yonkers, and sending it to Albany for the Apostille and still comform to the 90 day prior time requirement when the town hall here wants it 21 days before the wedding date. Have others been using a outside company to obtain or doing it all themselves. This just seems conflicting in requirements. I do understand how people outside NY confuse the fact that New York State is NOT in New York Thanks...

  • hankloricco

    I planned to marry in France, Chailly en Biere. I have all my certified copies, dated correctly and at the eleventh hour, the town hall says they require an Apostille for my certified birth certificate. The translator will not begin the process without it, therefore the wedding has to be postponed at a terrible cost. But all that being said, everything I find online says the apostille is only required for New York City births. I was born in Yonkers, NY. I wonder if the typical stereotype has occurred in that all New Yorkers to foreigners is New York City. Can you shed some light on this for my next venture to put the correct papers in place. My email is: [email protected]


    Hello Thomas!

    So helpful, I was going crazy trying to find out how to get the apostille de la haya for my husband's birth certificate. I am from Spain and he is from New York, but his mother is from Spain and apparently we do need his birth certificate stamped so he can become a Spanish citizen.

    I wonder if your birth certificate had to be less than 6 months old, which is another of the requirements to become a Spanish citizen or to register our marriage in the Spanish consulate in New York.

    Also, my husband was born in North Tarrytown, Westchester county, should the address and the process be the same?

    Thank you so much for sharing that information!

  • DMM

    Just received my Apostille Birth Certificate from NY in order for me get married in Quintana Roo, Mexico(Cancun). I followed all the instructions above, with a few exceptions. Step #1 can be completed on the internet through vitalchek. Just make sure you check the box that states "Apostille/Authentification" when completing the information on the request form. For step #2 you are permitted to send a $3 check for the certification to the County Clerk's office. Step #3 can either be mailed to the Manhattan or Albany NY Departement of State location. Either office will put the Apostille Seal on your documentation.
    With each step I sent the documentation "priority mail" and enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope (priority mail) from the USPS. The process took a little less than one month to complete. I was very pleased with how quickly each document was returned to me. Thanks for the guidance.

  • cedric

    This information on the blog is very helpful, but this post is inaccurate in that VitalChek will not give you a Letter of Exemplification along with your birth certificate. You must go through directly, the Vitals Office.

  • John

    The apostille process is different by state and country. I used to get my apostille in the UK

  • Melba

    The thing about apostilles is that it can be very simple or extremely complicated depending on your situation. There's more information about the apostille process here, including step-by-step instructions.

  • D

    A Personal check is acceptable for the certification through the mail.

  • D

    You can do it on line - check Apostill/Exemplification as the reason when completing the application.

  • Alice

    I was born in Mineola, NY (Long Island) What if you need to obtain a birth certificate with Apostille, How do you do that?

    When you order a long form birth certificate, do you ALSO have to request the
    letter of exemplification from them? and then get it "Authenticated" by the Secretary of State?

    I have an ORIGINAL LONG FORM Birth Certificate.

  • macarmen

    Hello Tom
    I'm applying for dual citizenship. My mother was born in New York and got back to Spain, when the war he and his family came to Mexico, now I can get the Spanich citizenship but I need my father´s birth certificate with aposille, how can I get it?

  • doctorV23

    Dear Thomas,

    Thank you for your fine and instructive article. I am now at phase one of the process (Just sent the envelope to the Office of Vital Records) and following your directions. I have 2 questions here: Firstly what exactly is the letter of exemplification? I asked for this on the phone of course, along with the long form, but don't know what it means. The second question is about the payment: I was asked to pay $15.00 as opposed to 35, so I hope I haven't made a mistake :-)
    A basic fact that impresses me here is that a Birth Certificate, which bears an official seal of the U.S., is not accepted as proof that someone was born as stated. (What other purpose could this paper possibly have?)
    -thanks again for your guidence through this tunnel of bureaucracy.

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