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Analysis of Indonesian Twitter Use

Mar 15, 2011

Indonesia is now the source of 15 percent of the world’s Tweets, coming in third place globally behind the US and Brazil, according to the below recent analysis by Saling Silang.

Indonesia’s Tweets peak on Thursdays, but weekends are highly active…
…On weekends, Indonesians send out more Tweets per person than at any other time during the week…

…Not surprisingly, mobile Twitter clients are highly popular, particularly on Blackberry (Indonesians are obsessed with Blackberry)…

…Indonesians share a great deal, re-Tweeting more than they Tweet...

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  • Really appreciate the posting Thomas and also please let us know if you have some thoughts on what other data that we should be working on in Indonesia social media market.

  • ybs

    I'm interested in facebook stats. Do you guys have them?

  • Jon

    Great stats, great find but cant help but be curious on how the stats were sourced/gathered. Any more info to pass on?

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