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Ouriel Ohayon

Ouriel Ohayon

Jan 27, 2009

Ouriel Ohayon

Ouriel Ohayon is turning the idea of a foreign correspondent on its head – he writes for TechCrunch France, but lives in Israel. After selling his company, since May 2006 he has been General Manager of LightSpeed Gemini Internet Lab – a joint venture dedicated to seeding investments in Israeli internet start ups. Ohayon

Ouriel Ohayon: How to TechCrunch France from Israel

Jan 6, 2009

Ouriel Ohayon, who built TechCrunch France into one of the top French blogs, actually lives in Israel. How can a Tel Aviv-based blogger manage to dominate the French blogosphere? While this would be impressive for a blogger outside of any country, this is especially impressive in France, which has one of the world’s highest per-capita

Scoble and Ouriel Summarize Le Web

Dec 22, 2008

Top bloggers Robert Scoble and Ouriel Ohayon summarize the Le Web conference as we leave in a dark taxi after we have all had a few (too many) drinks. Among the points raised: – French have better wine than Californians (Scoble). – European startup pitches are just as boring as pitches in the US. -

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Geek Needs

Dec 13, 2008

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Geek Needs

While Maslow is famed for his Hierarchy of Human Needs, I spent a lunch in Paris with David Weinberger and Ouriel Ohayon debating the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Geek Needs. Any other suggestions?

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