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International Herald Tribune

Job: Hong Kong-based Editor at International Herald Tribune

Feb 4, 2010

The newspaper where I worked and for whom I can vouch as a great employer, is looking for copy editors in Hong Kong: The International Herald Tribune is looking for experienced copy editors to work in Hong Kong for its Asian edition. You will work with a team of dedicated, hard-working editors and correspondents from

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers

Sep 30, 2009

Len Apcar, Asia editor of The International Herald Tribune, invited the Asia advertising director of the IHT, Dominic Ciafardini, and myself to join his class at Hong Kong University for a discussion about social media and the future of newspapers. Great discussion! Thanks to all who took part. This is a video taken of the

NY Times quotes my blog, but no linkback

May 18, 2009

NY Times quotes my blog, but no linkback

I want to say a big THANK YOU to the New York Times and then take my former employer to task for what may be a failure to understand the Internet. (Or just an editing oversight) The Thank You:First the thank you: You paid attention to a short post on my simple WordPress blog about

Search Expert Danny Sullivan on Deletion

May 10, 2009

Search Expert Danny Sullivan on Deletion

Below is a compressed version of an exchange I had with Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land about the implications of the NY Times deleting and all links to it. Although slightly technical, this explanation would interest anyone as obsessed as me about what happened when the NY Times deleted and what

Wikipedia Grappling with Deletion of

May 9, 2009

Wikipedia Grappling with Deletion of

Alerted by my earlier posting about The New York Times deleting links to my (and all) IHT articles, the Wikipedia community has started grappling with the problem. This was an angle that had not occurred to me until now. The issue: Wikipedia – one of the highest traffic websites on the Internet – makes reference

“Dapper Dunbar-Johnson” and the new IHT

Apr 8, 2009

“Dapper Dunbar-Johnson” and the new IHT

UPDATE: Someone just created a Facebook group called “Keep the IHT: Just say no to NYT “Global Edition”. Pegged to the launch of the new International Herald Tribune layout and website, Benjamin Li of Hong Kong-based Media magazine published a profile of the IHT’s publisher, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson. The IHT, my former long-time employer, recently revamped

IHT Hong Kong seeks editors

Aug 23, 2008

Job openings at the International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong: We are looking to fill 3 positions on its financial news desk, based in Hong Kong. * A senior position in “backfielding”. You’d be partly in charge of the financial news section that we do in partnership with Reuters. You’d man the wires, make story

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