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Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn: In Crisis, Pimp Your Profile

Feb 16, 2009

Recently met with the founder of the business-focused social network LinkedIn to discuss how the crisis has affected online social networking and how brands can best interact with such sites. Video below this quick summary. For those searching for a job, Reid gave a few tips on how to work with social networking sites: Digital

Rich Stromback: Why bother going to Davos?

Feb 6, 2009

Former professional ice hockey player and serial entrepreneur Rich Stromback seems best known in Davos as the last man standing – at night in the piano bar, that is. In fact, this year at Davos he celebrated his 40th birthday in the piano bar with Richard Branson, more than 100 grandees and magnums of champagne

Davos Summary by The Economist’s Matthew Bishop

Feb 5, 2009

To save you the cost of a hotel room and airplane ticket, Matthew Bishop of The Economist kindly summarized what he found after a week in the Swiss mountains. Mainly, it was pretty depressing and will likely get worse!

Radio Free Europe declares me a Davos depressive

Feb 3, 2009

I had a good Davos wrap-up conversation with Ronald Synovitz of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He concluded – correctly – that I came out of the meeting with a fairly depressed view of the state of the world. I found my breakfast with Shimon Peres particularly depressing. The feeling was that the economic crisis will

Loic vlogs Davos

Jan 30, 2009

My friend Loic Le Meur has been doing some great video blogging from Davos. Here’s his day 1 summary.

Kofi Annan Tries Out YouTube

Jan 28, 2009

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan tried out YouTube and I and briefly discussed it afterwards. When I asked whether he thought Social Media could help bring about world peace, he suggested I ask Barack Obama. Sadly, Obama is not here in Davos, so will have to wait on that question.

Matthew Bishop: What The Economist expects from Davos

Jan 28, 2009

Matthew Bishop, US business editor of The Economist and a Davos veteran, speaks about what he expects to find here in Davos. Matthew will be speaking about here about his recently published book Philanthrocapitalism, How the Rich Can Save the World. I will be doing a video later with Matthew to challenge him whether the

Davos Loses Glamor, Gains Gravitas

Jan 26, 2009

Davos Loses Glamor, Gains Gravitas

The world economic crisis may have eliminated much of the glamor from Davos – Angie, Brad and Bono all canceled this year – but this may be one of the more important meetings. WEF founder Klaus Schwab told the IHT today:“The pendulum has swung and power has moved back to governments,” said Klaus Schwab, the

Davos Panel Prep: “What was Privacy”

Jan 22, 2009

Davos Panel Prep: “What was Privacy”

Next week I return to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2004 when I wrote about Bloggers breaching the gates of Davos, I took this photo of Loic Le Meur, Yat Siu and Joi Ito, now all good friends. A great turnout of world leaders is expected at this year’s

Davos Panel Prep: Asia’s digital ecosystems

Jan 21, 2009

Davos Panel Prep: Asia’s digital ecosystems

In addition to the privacy panel I blogged about earlier, another Davos panel in which I will participate is about Asia’s digital ecosystems. The panel is extremely eminent, but I particularly look forward to seeing Jun Murai again. He has fascinating perspectives and insights into the underlying direction of Internet development. Once again, I solicit

Can Davos socialize with the rest of us?

Dec 15, 2008

Can Davos socialize with the rest of us?

The World Economic Forum announced today in a YouTube video they will once again employ an extensive social media strategy to integrate people who do not make the trek up the Swiss Alps. Last year the video answers on YouTube had more than 8 million views. This year, the best YouTube-er will get a free

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