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Updated: Facebook Asia Stats Infographic

May 10, 2012

Facebook in Asia

As part of the ongoing project I started on the growth of Facebook in Asia, here is the latest update. You can download high resolution versions of these images by clicking on them or via slideshare. Enjoy!

Introducing Asia’s 5th Largest Nation: Facebook

Mar 25, 2011

Introducing Asia’s 5th Largest Nation: Facebook

An infographic produced by our social media team to show how Facebook now dominates Asia. Click here for a larger version. Enjoy!

Asia Accounts for 37% of World’s Tweets

Sep 23, 2010

Asia Accounts for 37% of World’s Tweets

Japan is one of the world’s top Twitter nations, but Asia more broadly accounts for a huge share of global Tweets. Statistics are hard to chase down, but a company in Paris, Semiocast, did a study in which they found: Users in Asia, mainly located in Japan, Indonesia and South Korea, account for 37% of

How To: Use Foursquare for Business

Aug 14, 2010

Ogilvy On: How To Use Foursquare for Business View more presentations from 360 Digital Influence, Ogilvy PR Worldwide. Here are the slides from the latest presentation by our team at Ogilvy, presented as part of the series done with The Wall Street Journal and GoToWebinar on Social Media for Business.

iPhone4 Launch Schedule for Asia-Pacific

Aug 5, 2010

iPhone4 Launch Schedule for Asia-Pacific

Can’t stand the wait? Here’s a guide for the iPhone rollout for much of the Asia-Pacific region. Sorry Laos, no plans for a launch yet! Click on the “more” link below to get maps showing the operators offering the iPhone4. This post was inspired and based on initial research done by Jon Russell in this

comScore: Facebook now rules Asia

Jul 12, 2009

comScore: Facebook now rules Asia

With several months of rampant growth, the latest numbers from comScore World Metrix show Facebook as THE dominant social network in across Asia. The nearest rival, Baidu Space, has nearly 5 percentage points less reach than Facebook. The reasons behind this are varied by market, but Facebook’s popularity is partly due to the desire of

Amazing Job: Social Media Internship at Ogilvy

May 4, 2009

Amazing Job: Social Media Internship at Ogilvy

For the first time, I am actually posting a job ad on my blog for myself. In my role as Asia-Pacific Director of 360 Digital Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, I work with a team stretching across 24 cities in 15 Asian territories. Our already strong team aims to be the undisputed leader for

6 sites recommended by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

Apr 5, 2009

6 sites recommended by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

At yesterday’s WordCamp in Hong Kong I had the pleasure of interviewing founder Matt Mullenweg about blogs, blogging and how he came to found one of the world’s largest blog-hosting companies. ( is the open source blog and is one of Matt’s companies) While it was difficult to take notes while interviewing Matt,

Christine Brendle

Mar 21, 2009

Christine Brendle

Christine Brendle is the Managing Director of Dow Jones Consumer Media Group in Asia. Based in Hong Kong, she has management responsibility for the commercial operations of The Wall Street Journal Asia and the regional web site, the monthly Far Eastern Economic Review, the Chinese-language web site Chinese, and spearheads business development initiatives

Interviewed by Monty about Social Media in Asia

Feb 13, 2009

While in Paris at Le Web, I moderated a number of panels, including one about social media in Asia. Shortly after the panel, Monty Metzger and I spoke about the topic.

Obama China and Japan Policies

Oct 29, 2008

Excellent summary of key positions on China, Japan and Asia from Obama (and McCain) from the Center for Strategic & International Studies (h/t to Chris Nelson) Overall priorities for East Asia Senator Obama: The United States has long played a pivotal role in preserving the peace in Asia and undergirding its economic development. That leadership

Chart Summarizing Asia’s potential IPTV markets

Jul 16, 2008

This chart neatly summarizes potential IPTV markets in Asia. Taiwan and Korea fall into the zone I identified in this video pitch and this posting. The IPTV wildcard zone also offers great potential. Source: Bob Scott, Cisco Director-Strategy and Business Development.

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