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Video of Mark Ndesandjo playing piano

Jan 18, 2009

Below is a Chinese TV report on Mark Ndesandjo’s concert in Shenzhen to benefit a Chinese orphanage. By now, Mark should be on a flight to Washington for the inauguration.

Barack Obama’s half-brother who lives in China, running an Internet company, you can find out more information at the profile page I have compiled on Mark Ndesandjo.

Posted on the Chinese video sharing website Youku, the clip made the front page. This implies a wide awareness of Ndesandjo among the Chinese population. The anonymity that Ndesandjo has tried to maintain may well be over now. The reluctant celebrity has hit it big!

(h/t to Alex Bowman)

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Mark Ndesandjo

Mark Ndesandjo
About: _Mark Ndesandjo is president Barack Obama\'s half-brother who lives in Shenzhen, teaches piano at an orphanage and runs an Internet company, World Nex... [Learn more]


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  • mostly people educated in a America so go forward in a music field and create name in the music field and increase confidence in the world. 

  • Mike C. Okereke

    It is very unwise of Mark, Barak Obama Sr.'s son, to drop the last name of his father. It shows he has no forgiving spirit like his his mother, Ruth Ann Obama, who is a very good and devoted wife and mother,
    Mike C. Okereke 

  • Who are you to determine Mark not using his father's surname is right or wrong?  You do not have the personal experience of knowing or living with his father.  He is not the heroic character Barack has painted him to be.  How many wives did he have?  How many children did he have from his various wives?  Was he financially and emotionally supportive of ALL of his wives and children?  It says a tremendous deal about the lack of character the elder Obama possessed if two of his sons (Mark and David) didn't even want to "wear" his surname.  

  • He is a really good pianist.

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