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Shawn Crispin

Shawn Crispin

In this video, longtime Asia correspondent Shawn Crispin introduces himself and describes his career. Formerly with the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Wall Street Journal, Crispin is now Southeast Asia Editor of Asia Times Online.

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  • Benzion Mileikowski

    i like your masterpiece
    Back to the brink in Thailand 

  • rossarin

    i still support mr. thaksin c
    he is a hero of us. he did many things for better of thailand but now what's the result he got? actually he will come back again for better life of thai, i beleive that.

  • Jatuporn

    I agree with Rossarin. Yes, we are ready to die for Mr.Thaksin, aren't we? He means more than our father.

  • Jack

    Jatuporn? Are you the one under arrest for inciting to overthrow the government? Acts of treason are about as far from democratic principles as you can get. Form a political party, win an election then change things. Thats how democracy works you peasant.

  • gao zhi

    thanks. that was fast.

  • @Gao Zhi
    Good idea!

    YouTube version of video is here:

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  • gao zhi

    tom, i think is blocked in china. (i have been trying to watch your videos posted there and i am in beijing.) i can easily see the ones on youtube, so why don't you put them all there?

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