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John Berthelsen of Asia Sentinel

John Berthelsen of Asia Sentinel

John Berthelsen, now editor of Asia Sentinel, came out to Asia to cover the Vietnam War and then went on to work for the Asian Wall Street Journal for eight years with postings out of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Following the Journal, he became the regional head of production for Dresdner Bank.

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  • Tom Tuohy

    Shady journalism at best; downright theft at worst! I see the hagiography of John

    Berthelsen above. What a joker! He gets offered a decent and very much current article along with a host of other news outlets and proceeds to commit the cardinal sin of reporting. No fact checking and most definitely no discussion with the author (that's me folks!) about permission to publish nor payment. This guy was really in Asia reporting during the Vietnam war era? Well, I'd never have guessed as he displays all the skils of a Grubb Street

    hack! Well, my article has already been sold to a major news outlet not this Mickey Mouse outfit posing as serious journalism. Let's see how long it takes for numbnuts to remove the offending piece of theft.Tom Tuohy

  • sharon

    ┬áMy name is Sharon,please kindly contact me direct with my email ([email protected]) Waiting to hear from you soonest.

  • Simonhosanna

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Berthesen! I find most of your news articles balanced and accurate.

  • Thanks very much for information, I can agree I have done the same thing when I came across the same trouble as the one who is posting.

  • Observe

    Asia Sentinel is an "independent" news portal that competes with Malaysian opposition portal in churning out propagandas against Malaysia. This I find interesting: has Berthelsen some personal grudge against Malaysia and its government? Is the portal funded by some politicians? Does he really know about Malaysia, its history and its people?

  • Janet Brons

    The John Berthelsen I remember from KL?

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