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Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb joined the Digital Influence team as Digital Influence Strategist in April 2010. Jeremy previously worked as Ogilvy PR China’s editor, responsible for the quality of English at Ogilvy PR offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Highly knowledgeable about the Chinese Internet, Jeremy’s blog posts at Asia Digital Map are widely read by industry professionals and have been quoted by influential publications in China.
Prior to joining Ogilvy PR, Jeremy translated and proofread news articles for the People’s Daily. Before that, he worked during the Beijing Olympics as a freelance reporter for British newspaper The Independent.

Jeremy speaks, reads, and writes Chinese. His popular Chinese-language blog,, has been made into a monthly magazine column.
Jeremy holds a first-class bachelor’s degree in Chinese from the University of Leeds. His undergraduate dissertation – “Democratisation 2.0” – focused on the potential of social media to engender social and political change in China.

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