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Amanda Liu

Amanda Liu

Prior to work for Ogilvy, Amanda was a Journalist in Chinese Television System for 4 years, anchoring CTS morning news periodically.
After leaving CTS, entering into Internet industry to serve as Marketing Director at Jing He Co. Ltd, whose main business category is Internet marketing. De Beers, as one of its major clients.
Continued with previous experience on marketing, acting as director of sales & marketing at XPEC Entertainment, the first digitized software content provider dedicated to PC and console game platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation 2. Later on moving up to be the Exe. VP of the Company.

During the period with XPEC, a 3D cross platform software featured Hello Kitty 30 anniversary was launched globally, This title was publish in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and also exhibited at worldwide game shows such as Tokyo Game Show and E3 in USA.

A career transition happened when working with G-Ping. G-ping is the organic food provider in which over 300 organic stores carry its products. Unique positioning for G-ping included capitalization of its online platform to build up personal experience with each of its members.

Amanda is an open, optimistic, enthusiastic, and happy person. Major client is Nokia, Nestle and Haagen-Dazs.

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