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Reverse outsourcing: Facing forced layoff at NY Times? Telecommute to Singapore!

Apr 17, 2008

straitstimes2In a case of reverse outsourcing, The Straits Times in Singapore has issued a recruiting appeal to copy editors facing layoffs at The New York Times. (Image credit: Page 1 of Straits Times April 17 website) The NY Times announced plans to reduce the newsroom staff by 100 jobs and this week warned staff that forced layoffs now seem inevitable.

Newspapers may face crisis in Europe and the US, but the industry is booming in some Asian markets. Indian newspaper launches in recent months, for example, include Mail Today and Mint which aim for India’s emergent middle class.

NYT staffers may have some qualms. Singapore’s press freedom ranks below Nigeria and just ahead of Russia in the Reporters Sans Frontiers 2007 Press Freedom Index. The US State Department’s 2006 Human Rights Assessment said that Singapore’s “authoritarian style fostered an atmosphere inimical to free speech and a free press.” Many Americans also still remember the caning of Michael Fay.

How many NY Times copy editors will take up this offer to telecommute to Singapore?

—— Forwarded Message ——
From: Warren Fernandez Jude
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 18:50:15 +0800
Subject: Fw: and the misery continues…

Would you know anyone within the NYT who could help us put out the word that we would be happy to take on some copy-editors, which we are in dire need of.

Ideally, they would operate in our newsroom in Singapore, but we are open to the idea of some working in the US, as Paul Zach does.

Many thanks

Warren Fernandez
Deputy Editor
The Straits Times
Tel: 63195343/63195312
Fax: 63198274
email: warren (a t)

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  • Mat Oakley

    Re:The Straits Times appeal for copy editors. If anyone - ANYONE - is thinking of taking them up on this offer, please email me first for a detailed summary of what they can expect. I spent more than two years at this newspaper. Fairly generous salary and bonuses - sure - but by the end of it, I would have preferred to live penniless on the street than spend another day. Ask the ones who know....

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