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Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post goes daily: Newspaper jobs available

Feb 23, 2008

Phnompenhpost1SmlAnyone up for a Cambodian newspapering adventure?

For those not familiar, the Phnom Penh Post is one of Southeast Asia’s legendary publications and Michael Hayes its legendary founding editor. It was the first English-language newspaper in Cambodia when launched in 1992.

Australian investors have ponied up to turn the fortnightly into a daily:

Ross Dunkley, chief executive officer of Myanmar Consolidated Media, which publishes the Myanmar Times, said he and Bill Clough, an Australian miner and oil and gas entrepreneur, have taken a controlling stake in the paper.

Australian journalist Peter Olszewski will be bureau chief in Siem Reap and will assist with the launch of the daily edition in Phnom Penh. Olszewski, editor of MediaBlab news service, worked with Ross Dunkley in Yangon, as a journalism trainer. He wrote a book about Myanmar titled Land of a Thousand Eyes, published in Australia by Allen & Unwin.

Great to have investment in newspapers in developing countries, even as the industry suffers elsewhere. As I posted earlier about Raju Narisetti’s launch of Mint in India, newspapers still make sense in certain markets.

Gratuitous personal note: Among my more treasured pieces of newspaper memorabilia are issues of the Post (pictured here) featuring Nate Thayer’s story on the trial of Pol Pot and the issue with Pol Pot’s obituary. Hayes generously gave me those papers during one of my many visits to his newsroom while I was reporting in Cambodia.

Speaking as veteran of one Asian newspaper start-up, Asia Times, I highly recommend the experience. Good luck to Michael and the paper!


Job available: Managing Editor, Phnom Penh Post

In conjunction with Editor-in-Chief, oversee the operations of an English-language newspaper published five times a week. The Post is currently published fortnightly. Move to daily is expected to take place in May.

Work closely with a Cambodian and expatriate staff of about 30 to produce a 24 page (minimum) newspaper that aspires to maintain the highest standards of independent, professional and responsible journalism.

Duties will encompass management and editing: manage deadlines, assign stories, manage staff workload, edit copy as needed.

Must have previous experience working for a daily English-language newspaper in an editorial capacity. Must have previous experience working in a multi-cultural environment, preferably in Asia.

Must be willing to learn Khmer and master details of current Cambodian history, politics, economics, business and development-related issues. Must be native English speaker. ME will report to Editor-in-Chief Michael Hayes, who has been running the Post since its inception in 1992.

Salary: negotiable as commensurate with experience

Position based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Send CV, references and contact details by email to:
Michael Hayes, Editor-in-Chief: michael.pppost (a t )
Michel Dauguet, CEO: michel.dauguet (a t )

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  • kimhuot UN

    Dear Sirs,

    I am looking for the job as a translator, interpreter or reporter in PPP. My currently jobs are relevant to laws, political science and international laws and also English. I worked as a lecturer of the UME. Between 2005 2006, I worked as a translator for Cambodia Daily and in 2008 as a translator and interpreter for European Union in Cambodia. That's why, If my brief profile is impressive, please contact me through the following email or my mobile phone 012-669-399.

    Best regards,
    Kimhuot UN, Lecturer of Laws

  • I am a freelance photographer/videographer & multimedia journalist who just finished her master's degree. I had previously lived in Asia for over 3 years trying to work on a specific project and have lived in some very difficult countries/situations, so the ability to work over seas is something I am capable of. Yet, at that time I didn't have the knowledge in regard to the journalism industry etc.

    Yet, I would like to be working as a photographer/videographer in Asia, doing freelance or working for an in country paper. Do you have any suggestions for an American girl? Previously, I just bought a plane ticket and went, but with no real contacts etc. I don't have the connections with the NY Times or AP etc where I could be an asset to them. Do you have any ideas for a hard hitting, life experienced, educated, and ambitious realist?

    Any suggestions

  • The New York Herald. is accepting submissions for editorials and guest blogs.

  • tomhunter

    Hi Tom,

    i have just finished my journalism degree at Monash University and am looking to gain some work experience in the new year.PP Post could be a great place. Do you have any recommendations?


    Tom Hunter

  • I just put Tom from Australia in touch with the PP Post. Hope a job comes out of it!

    Any others interested should shoot over an email (or leave a comment).


  • Tom

    I'm print journalist from Australia and have recently completed my cadetship. I will be in Cambodia from Jan-Apr 2009 on volunteer work and am interested in working at a local newspaper.
    Where is a good place to start?

  • Another way to be informed about Cambodia is the website :

  • Hi, i am graphic designer, i was living in Cambodia during six months, doing a training. What I want to know if you have any contact, that can see my work, cause idesire to live there for long term, but i need to pay my tuition. I was learning khmer, but also fighting with spanish and englisn, so i need to invest more time among khmer people, was my best time in life. Please, let me know if there are a chance to contact people of media or an NGO that can offer a salary, i do not need too much. Thank you!

  • Southam

    I understand that a current and former journalists are among the new investors in this venture.

  • This might sound like a crazy adventure. But when you're on an adventure, what matters is the quality of your companions. Ross Dunkley is an entrepreneur par excellence, and Michael Hayes is a gentleman and a scholar.

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