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Angela Mackay

Angela Mackay


Nationality: Australian

Angela Mackay is a former journalist who describes her journey into business operations as a voyage “to the dark side” from which she has never looked back.

“I feel like I’ve come out of a convent,” Angela Mackay told the IFRA’s Publish Asia 2008 conference. “Working in a sheltered world where you comment on things is very different from doing things.”

One such effort she cited in the speech was creation of a specialized unit within the Hong Kong sales team that make advertisements for the web. “We built this team to deal with two to three clients per week in order not to lose out on a revenue stream.”

Mackay was appointed executive director of the Financial Times for Asia Pacific in May 2007. Prior to that role, she managed advertising sales revenues for both the print and online FT in the Asia Pacific region. Mackay joined the business side of the Financial Times in 2003 as Asia investment editor.

In her journalism career, Mackay was the Asia editor for the Financial Times’ Sunday Business. She also wrote for The Economist, CNBC, The Times newspaper in London and the Australian Financial Review in Sydney.

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