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Infographic: Japanese Social Media Equivalents

Sep 16, 2010

Here’s a recent infographic pulled together by our team on Japanese Social Media Equivalents. Suggested additions (or corrections) are most welcome! See also: Infographic on Chinese Social Media Equivalents,

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  • Would be great to see this with hyperlinks to the japanese urls, not providing links (and not being able to interpret the urls) devalues the information somewhat.

    Any thoughts?

    Dean Collins

  • Bjbikeboy

    It seems Yahoo are really an IT monster in JP. Things so different in China, Yahoo is divorcing with ALibaba China.

    Most of them can't access from here in China, I have to pay 5 USD a month for "FBVPN" (which is the cheapest VPN, I think ) to get my Facebook and youtube back, sign~~

  • Hi
    As for message board, 発言小町(Hatsugen-komachi aims for 30s women, is also slightly huge.
    In fact, it is one of the most time spent site surpassing 2ch or Youtube:)

    Also, モバオク(Moba-Oku is equivalent with Yahoo!Auction in number of user.

    At last, as a review site, 食べログ(Tabe log ) is typical one for restaurant review.
    価格.com doesn't cover that area like Yelp.

  • thanks! Do you have any links for reference to the usage stats?

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