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Traditional Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong, RIP

Sep 10, 2010

Dai Pai Dong from Tem Hansen on Vimeo.

A video tribute to one of the last Dai Pai Dongs to fall victim to Hong Kong’s gentrification. It was knocked down three weeks ago. Hong Kong’s Dai Pai Dong are traditional, open-air food stall and an integral part of Hong Kong culture. The video was shot by Tem Hansen, a member of our Social Media team.

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Tem Hansen

Tem Hansen
About: Tem Hansen joined Ogilvy Asia-Pacific’s Regional Social Media team as one of its first members in 2009. Based in Hong Kong, Tem takes on the role of... [Learn more]


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  • Christopher DeWolf

    Hi Thomas. Just a quick note to say that the dai pai dongs are back up and running (though not without a few bumps along the way):

  • riteshpatel

    Nice video, shame this is being destroyed, another bit of HK culture gone

  • Another of HK's "culture" gone. It's just so sad :(

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