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FCC Charity Ball Invaded by Ladies

Sep 16, 2008

This Saturday we celebrated the 7th Annual Foreign Correspondents’ Club Charity Ball, featuring the World Classic Rockers. Made up of former band members of Toto, Steppenwolf, Santana, Journey and more, the band rocked the Hong Kong convention center and created a problem we never anticipated or experienced: Ladies invading the stage.

We hope to have raised something in the range of US$1mn this year to support the needy children of Hong Kong’s Po Leung Kuk orphanage. We offer scholarships for higher education and have created a language training program for younger residents at the Po Leung Kuk.

To me, the most important acheivement of the ball was not the fun had or the funds raised, but a small meeting convened on the sidelines of the ball by scholarship winners from previous years. Under their own initiative they have decided to create an alumni association.

Their words:

The association aims to strengthen the bonding between scholarship winners and FCC so as to benefit both sides. Various functions e.g. gathering, professional workshops and charity functions will be organized to equip our members and help the needy in Po Leung Kuk.

These scholarship winners, some now established in the workforce, will be the best long-term guardians of what I have had the honor of helping launch.

- Photo: Terry Duckham, Asiapix

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  • Melanie Vaughn

    I understand why celebrities do charities, It's like looking forward for the people that drives them where they now. There's a good thing in car donations because the proceeds will go to less fortunate people, you may help them and some of them wanted to get a life and let us give them hope and strengths.

  • imihaiu
  • michaelsharaton

    I am very happy to hear about people who organize charity events from the bottom of their hearts and not just for being on the first page of tomorrow's news paper. At present I work with a donate car campaign which has potential and can raise a lot of money and we all know what that means: lots of money can help lots of people.

  • Ten years ago, when I was starting college, I was really worried about the money and I didn’t want to place that burden on my parents. Because during high school decided to start searching for more scholarship.

  • rs crampton

    super that scholarship students are forming alumni assn & tie to fcc of hk

  • Ray

    Thanks a lot, Tom! We just used Ning to create a social networking site for communication. Will let you know more details after more things have been discussed. :)

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