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Facebook cracks deal in Vietnam

Apr 6, 2011

Facebook, which has been blocked on-and-off in Vietnam, has just signed an agreement with FPT Corporation becoming a Preferred Developer Program Consultant. This partnership will cover the promotions and selling of ads for Facebook in Vietnam. It will also include involvement in development of the official mobile application for the Vietnamese market, according to an article in

This may be a clever move by Facebook. With one more local partner in Vietnam fighting for Facebook’s interests, the platform may be better equipped to avoid an all-out blockage.

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  • Wow, one year how is it now. And there are many other countries that blocks facebook, I think parents should concern about facebook not goverments.

  • Interesting, what's the specific reason?

  • What do the Vietnamese Government fear?

  • Thaoledh

    facebook would be another naive partner when teamed up with Vietnam...nothing is certain here.

  • I agree with  'Joovy Caboose Reviews' - Let's see how things will develop.

  • Let's see how things will develop, this block/unblock of facebook in Vietnam is getting on my nerve.

  • Ben

    Super smart move from Facebook indeed :)

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