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Updated: Facebook Asia Stats Infographic

May 10, 2012

As part of the ongoing project I started on the growth of Facebook in Asia, here is the latest update. You can download high resolution versions of these images by clicking on them or via slideshare. Enjoy!

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  • It's interesting to see that 25% of Facebook users are from Asia, I expect this to increase if China were more open

  • George

    Let us hope that the Chinese government will see the need to keep the internet open for its people and the world at large. Since it will only help both the buisness and the need for interaction with others and the spiritual need of the Chinese people. Which is the need to know God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for all mens sins on the cross and rose again the thrird day from the dead and returned up to heaven. And through repentance and faith in him give hope and new life to the Chinese people and all people of the world. For more info, HolyBible dot com and fbnradio dot com. Sincerely;

  • Interesting information. Good to see such a nice infographics. Thanks

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