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Mekong Times

Mekong Times


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Mekong Times was a short-lived newspaper in Cambodia, launched in February 2008 and closed in August of the same year backed by Media Consulting and Development,

The newspaper employed more than 40 staff and ran on a budget of about US$30,000 a month, opened on February 8 and had published 135 editions, according to a report in the rival Phnom Penh Post. The 12-page Mekong Times, with a four-page Khmer-language insert, covered local, regional and international news, and had in the past received praise from Prime Minister Hun Sen for its integrity and impartial reporting.

The official launch press release:

MC&D launches a daily English and Khmer language newspaper in Cambodia

Media Consulting and Development (MC&D) has the pleasure to announce the launching of a new daily English and Khmer language newspaper: The Mekong Times, commencing publication on Wednesday, February 6.

The Mekong Times will publish five days a week, and will initially be printed at 5,000 copies.
The Mekong Times will cover all economic, political and development-related events in Cambodia – as well as offering a comprehensive selection of stories on these topics from Asean, Asia and the rest of the world.

With our new daily newspaper The Mekong Times, MC&D hopes to bring more information on Cambodia to decision-makers and those interested in knowing what is happening in Cambodia on a daily basis.

The Mekong Times will benefit from key elements including experience, professionalism and independence.

The team working for The Mekong Times has extended experience in journalism. Some of its foreign journalists have more than 15 years’ experience in Cambodia, working for leading publications. Its Cambodian reporters have worked in foreign publications after being trained to international standards here and abroad.

Based on its four-year experience of monitoring the press and publishing specialized information for business, politics and development professionals in Cambodia and abroad, MC&D is reaffirming its ambition – to publish useful and non-partisan news. MC&D believes that our independence from political parties, business interests and governments in Cambodia or abroad and from any international influence is essential to the success of our company and projects.

MC&D is a foreign-owned private company, launched in 2003.
MC&D has been well-known by the public for publishing Somne Thmey (a weekly Khmer-language newspaper) and Development Weekly (an English-language weekly newspaper), that are now being combined to form The Mekong Times.

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  • Its Cambodian reporters have worked in foreign publications after being trained to international standards here and abroad.

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