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President Oba Mao Heads to China

Oct 20, 2009

China is gearing up for Barack Obama’s upcoming visit.

As pictures from Wen Xue City show, the T-shirt vendors are already warmed up, Mr President!

(While in Ireland this summer, people referred to the US President as O’Bama, as in O’Brien.)

My question: Will Obama meet with his half-brother Mark Ndesandjo who lives in Shenzhen?

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Mark Ndesandjo

Mark Ndesandjo
About: _Mark Ndesandjo is president Barack Obama\'s half-brother who lives in Shenzhen, teaches piano at an orphanage and runs an Internet company, World Nex... [Learn more]


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  • shazylam

    Hello, my blog talk about all design stuffs betwwen Hong Kong (China) and France. I found these 'President Oba Mao Heads' T-shirt very interesting, do you mind if I use them in my blog?
    (I am from HK and living in Paris. I love design and want to share all interesting stuffs between HK & Paris), Thank you.

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