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China’s Social Network Personalities

Nov 30, 2010

The Social Media team for Ogilvy Beijing created this great graphic to explain the personality differences between social networks in China. Unlike other parts of the world, where Facebook or other social networks dominate, Chinese users tend to join with their peers from a similar background. Another posting that may be of interest is the Beijing team’s infographic of China’s social media equivalents.

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  • yes,Thanks for sharing this post. It is so timely since I'm myself living pains just like that, also I'm actually thinking of testing it myself.

  • The Ogilvy Beijing social media team created the below archetypes to bring these personalities to life.

  • Check out the open API of these ecosystem SNS. I link them all in my follow5 except facebook. Oops. It can be done in 2011. Aha!

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