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10 Books That Best Explain Social Media

Jan 12, 2015

10 Books That Best Explain Social Media

Tropical rain forests have been felled for trite tomes on Social Media hyperventilating how “everything is different”. It isn’t. People are still people. Rather than look for a book on “How To Snapchat”, I seek insight from great thinkers around sociology, behavior change and influence. The below list of books was compiled with much input

Brand newsroom checklist

Dec 18, 2014

Brand newsroom checklist

Newsrooms, homebase of my former career, have come back into my life. Rather than the home of cantankerous editors, I now look at newsrooms from the perspective of how brands operate in the world of social. As the barriers to distributing content and creating a media property have dropped, many brands have been keen to

Updated: Facebook Asia Stats Infographic

May 10, 2012

Facebook in Asia

As part of the ongoing project I started on the growth of Facebook in Asia, here is the latest update. You can download high resolution versions of these images by clicking on them or via slideshare. Enjoy!

Infographic: China’s Social Media Evolution

Mar 2, 2011

Infographic: China’s Social Media Evolution

Six months ago Ogilvy’s China social media team created an infographic to show some of the local platforms thriving in place of the major international equivalents. Since then, new social media platforms have become relevant – on both sides of the Great Firewall – and so the team reworked the infographic. They have also widened

Social Media in China: The Same, but Different

Jan 9, 2011

Social Media in China: The Same, but Different

I wrote the below article for China Business Review, the magazine of the US-China Business Council. I’d be interested in feedback from the readers of this blog! Tom As Chinese consumers spend more time online, foreign companies should deepen their knowledge of domestic social media platforms. by Thomas Crampton Much has been written of late

Infographic: Japanese Social Media Equivalents

Sep 16, 2010

Infographic: Japanese Social Media Equivalents

Here’s a recent infographic pulled together by our team on Japanese Social Media Equivalents. Suggested additions (or corrections) are most welcome! See also: Infographic on Chinese Social Media Equivalents,

Infographic of Social Media Equivalents in China

Aug 25, 2010

Infographic of Social Media Equivalents in China

Our China Social Media team put together this infographic to explain some of China’s Social Media equivalents. Any major categories or companies missing? Put your suggestions below in comments.

Poll Result: Best VPN to leap China’s Great Firewall?

Mar 26, 2009

Poll Result: Best VPN to leap China’s Great Firewall?

With the recent blockage of YouTube in China, I am once again searching for the best proxy service to allow full Internet usage from the PRC. Based on a wildly unscientific poll this morning of those people who follow my Twitter feed (with more than 25 responses), here’s an overview of the services people use

Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn: In Crisis, Pimp Your Profile

Feb 16, 2009

Recently met with the founder of the business-focused social network LinkedIn to discuss how the crisis has affected online social networking and how brands can best interact with such sites. Video below this quick summary. For those searching for a job, Reid gave a few tips on how to work with social networking sites: Digital

Can you trust the Davos crowd?

Feb 7, 2009

A study by Edelman PR showed that trust is hitting an all time in many institutions. This video includes quick discussions with: Jeff Jarvis – who thinks that the Davos crowd really does not appreciate how much trust in them has slipped. Richard Edelman of Edelman PR – describes the details of the report. Lionel

Rich Stromback: Why bother going to Davos?

Feb 6, 2009

Former professional ice hockey player and serial entrepreneur Rich Stromback seems best known in Davos as the last man standing – at night in the piano bar, that is. In fact, this year at Davos he celebrated his 40th birthday in the piano bar with Richard Branson, more than 100 grandees and magnums of champagne

Davos Summary by The Economist’s Matthew Bishop

Feb 5, 2009

To save you the cost of a hotel room and airplane ticket, Matthew Bishop of The Economist kindly summarized what he found after a week in the Swiss mountains. Mainly, it was pretty depressing and will likely get worse!

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