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Phnom Penh Post Sweeps SOPA Editorial Awards!

Jun 11, 2009

Congratulations to Seth Meixner and the editorial team of the Phnom Penh Post!

Seth (pictured here with the PPP publisher Ross Dunkley to the left) and his team at the Post won awards of excellence for news photography and human right reporting.

There was only one publication in the same category (Local newspapers and small magazines published in English) that won more prizes than the Phnom Penh Post: The South China Morning Post.

Needless to say, The South China Morning Post is a newspaper with a much longer history and considerably greater resources.

The PPP team won these awards even as they cranked the newspaper up from publishing twice monthly to five days per week in a country where freedom of expression is still a daily battle.

Congratulations!!! (Disclosure: I am a minor – but very proud – investor in the PPP.)

The awards were for:

Excellence in News Photography: Boeung Kak Lake Land Evictions by Vandy Rattana, Chhay Channyda and Rick Valenzuela. The judges described the photographs as “striking, heartbreaking images that are also visually complex”.

Excellence in Human Rights Reporting: “Escape From Hell On The High Sea: Nine Trafficked Men Return Home” by Christopher Shay, May Titthara. The judges described the work as “Enterprising work from a small publication.”

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Phnom Penh Post

Phnom Penh Post
About: One of Southeast Asia’s legendary publications, the Phnom Penh Post founded by legendary editor Michael Hayes. It was the first English-language ne... [Learn more]

Ross Dunkley

About: A brash and veteran newspaperman of greater Indo-China, Dunkley has headed the launch of publications including the Vietnam Investment Review, Myanmar... [Learn more]


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