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iPad overtakes the iPhone sales

Oct 18, 2011

Amazing as the iPhone growth was, the iPad is growing even faster. This chart compares the first quarters of sales growth. As someone who purchased an iPad, but uses it sporadically, I’d be interested to see how much usage is taking place. Stats and graph from Silicon Valley Insider.

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  • Yes i agree because of the high resolution they have and with big screen and great features, it has take the sales of all the iPhone...

  • Wayne You

    ipad is treat as a new category, a combination of e-reader and personal terminator, which have a better user experience than iphone by its 10.1 inch screen size, and the content which published in apps is a strong reason to make a choice

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  • these kind of news are just not suprising me!!! lol

  • To think they were going to come out with the iPad first makes this funny. I still don't have an iPad and am content, but when it comes to going to conferences I really regret not grabbing one.

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